Help For Sports Injuries in Goodwood, Adelaide

The Physio Studio offers quality sports physiotherapy care for sports and running injuries throughout Goodwood, Millswood, Unley, Wayville & Clarence Park.


Our physios are experts in assessing your injury, educating you on what has been injured and why, and working with you to provide the most effective treatment and rehab specific to your training and playing demands.

Sports Injury Adelaide

Injuries we see often include –

  • Muscle strains and tears including hamstring, calf, quad, rotator cuff and back muscles,
  • Ligament sprains – including ankle, knee and hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist/hand, neck and back injuries from sport
  • Shoulder rotator cuff strains and bursitis
  • Rehabilitation following knee reconstructions and other joint surgeries
  • Achilles tendon, patella tendon and gluteal tendon pain/injury


Sports injuries occur during sports or physical exercise and are commonly caused by the overuse, direct impact or extreme application of force. The cause of sports injuries extends from contact during games to overloading in training. Regardless of their cause, sports injuries can affect sporting participation in terms of training and playing, as well as discomfort outside of sport through impact on daily life.


Sports specific assessment and treatment for your sporting injuries. Our physiotherapists have extensive experience in successfully managing sports injuries, enabling us to tailor your treatment and rehabilitation specifically to your training and playing demands.

When you come to see one of our physios, our team will:

    • Listen to you and take a thorough history of your injury to determine why it happened, how it is affecting you and understand possible contributing factors to the injury.
    • Explain what you have injured, factors that may have contributed to the injury and also discuss whether any further investigations or scans are needed.
    • Work with you to plan the best course of treatment and rehab (specific to your sport), so you have the best chance of recovering as quickly as possible, while minimizing the chances of re-injury

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