The Smart Way to “Get Fit For Summer”

While we use the “get fit for summer” line with tongue firmly in cheek, with holiday downtime upon us and the sun out, it’s a cracking time to get outdoors and place more of a focus on your health and fitness. It’s also when you may be setting yourself for those New Year exercise goals […]

Adelaide Lightning make a cracking start to the WNBL season

It has been an exciting time with the WNBL season tipping off, and the Lightning have made a strong start to the season currently sitting at the top of the ladder with a 6-1 record. Scott has been busy as team physio, helping rehab some key players coming back from off-season injuries and keeping the […]

4 keys to avoiding running injuries

Whether you are training for your first 5km fun run, or looking to up the ante and hit a new PB on your marathon time, there are a few key areas to get right in your running to avoid unwanted injuries. Many different factors can influence running performance and injury rates, but we’ve identified 4 […]

Proudly Supporting The Smith Family

We are pleased to be on board as a sponsor for The Smith Family.The Smith Family provide financial and mentoring support for disadvantaged young Australians to assist them through their years of education.Luke recently caught up with Graham from TSF to discuss the programs the organisation offer and how the support that businesses and individuals provide […]

New Injury? Strategy #1, just don’t make it worse

When speaking to sporting teams about how to best manage new injuries, a line we often use is “At the very least don’t make it worse”. Whether it is a minor niggle or a major injury, how you manage a new injury in the first 2-3 days can make a significant difference to recovery.This advice could apply […]

Dry Needling – Help to reduce pain and tension

Dry Needling: Your questions answeredIt has become increasingly common for physiotherapists to use dry needling as part of the treatment regime for a range of sports injuries and painful muscle and joint conditions. While more and more people may have heard of, or even experienced needling, many are still unsure what it actually involves and what role it could play in helping their […]

Adelaide Lightning Team Physio in Season 2016/17

We are proud to continue our association with some of the state’s most elite athletes. Scott Palmer, APA Sports Physiotherapist and director, has been appointed team for physio for the MAC Adelaide Lightning who compete in the Womens National Basketball League (WNBL) in season 2017. The role is a combination of loves for Scott, who […]

Get proACTIVE about your back pain

Low back pain can certainly get you down, our role is to help you with best management and get you back to doing the things you love as quickly as possible.You won’t be surprised to hear that having lower back pain is common. According to research by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, up to 80% of […]

Sports Injuries – Getting You Back In The Game

If you’ve suffered a sports injury the first thing you often think is, wow, that doesn’t feel great (or some other similarly controlled emotion-filled response… ) and soon after start to wonder what have i done? To help you out, we’ve put together a few basics on some of the more common sports injuries that […]

Is sitting the new smoking?

 There has been increasing awareness over recent years about the negative effects that sitting can have on our overall health. This is relevant for a lot of us as many occupations have traditionally involved sitting for extended timeframes. We also tend to sit for long periods during our years of education at school and university, […]