Stay on Track with a Professional Running Assessment

Running is a great form of exercise and popular with many of our clients – for health, fitness and fun.

However, running injuries are common – up to 80% of runners in any one year experience injury.  Most commonly, running injuries are the product of training errors, muscle imbalances or technique factors – and these aspects can be modified.

Who can benefit from a Physio Running Assessment?

At The Physio Studio we not only want to help with injuries that do arise, but to look at technique and biomechanics to help you maximise your performance and  prevent injuries before they occur, to keep you on track. We are able to assist runners of all levels, whether a beginner, fun runner or elite marathon runner.

Our Physio Running Assessment service

The Physio Running Assessment is a two-step process. When you first attend your running assessment,  we speak to you about your running goals, discuss your current and past training and discuss your relevant injury history. During this session we perform a detailed biomechanical assessment  – including treadmill video analysis – that looks at muscle control, flexibility and running technique.

At your subsequent consultation, you’ll receive a summary report based on your assessment findings, which details recommendations and strategies to prevent injury and improve performance. All designed to help you to get the most out of your running.

At your initial physio running assessment

  • We review your running goals and training history
  • Discuss current or previous injury concerns
  • Perform a run-specific musculoskeletal screening and biomechanical assessment – looking at muscle control, strength and flexibility
  • Assess running technique with treadmill video analysis

Your follow up consultation

  • Review your assessment and video analysis results
  • Receive a written report with recommendations to prevent injury AND improve performance (flexibility; muscle conditioning/control; technique; running loads, footwear)
  • Provide an exercise program addressing areas for improvement

What to Bring

  • Your running shoes and shorts

Eligible Health Fund Rebates apply to your consultations

  • Bring your private health fund card to claim your eligible extras cover on the spot

Whether you’re currently getting aches and pains during your run, wanting to stay injury-free, looking to improve your performance, or simply new to running and looking for guidance, a detailed running assessment can help you achieve your goals.

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