F.I.T. (Functional Interval Training) – Available Now

Tailored, physio-supervised, circuit group training specific to the injury you’ve come to see the physio about, and based on your fitness goals.

Who is it for?

  • People wanting supervised tailored exercise as a progression from in-rooms treatment to ensure you’re using good technique and getting the most out of your time exercising
  • People on longer term rehab plans, like after surgery when structured progressions are needed
  • People wanting to build up condition before returning to gym or other exercise
  • People who aren’t great at doing their home exercise program!
  • People wanting class-based exercise as a cost-effective alternative to 1 on 1 fitness training, but still wanting a tailored program

How does it work?

Your Physio will set up your exercise program in 1-2 individual gym consultations in addition to your course of in-rooms treatment.  Your program will be on the PhysiTrack app, so you can access it through your phone or iPad / tablet, and bring your device to class to use as you go.
It takes 6 weeks of regular training to load your body enough to create lasting changes – we recommend a minimum 6 weeks participation, and a program upgrade at 6 weeks before you continue on.

The Class

Arrive 15mins before your class so you’ve got time for your specific stretches and movement preparation (as set by your physio) before the class start time.
The class has maximum 6 participants.
There are 6 stations in the circuit.  You will do 3 x 1 minute sets at each station before moving to the next.  Then a 1 minute break after each 3 stations, 2 minute break after each lap.  Follow your program for which exercise to do at each station, but ask the class Physio if you need to.

Please bring a full size towel, water bottle and phone / iPad to view your program on the PhysiTrack app (or we can print a paper copy if you don’t have the app).

Private health rebates apply (please check with your health fund) – T560 code – meaning a smaller out of pocket cost for you.

Join Us!

Contact the clinic on 8357 0418 or email admin@thephysiostudio.com.au and we’ll help you get started ASAP!