Physio Bike Fit Service

To get you feeling and performing your best on the bike

We see many cyclists who complain of discomfort, early fatigue, pain, tingling or stiffness on the bike and many don’t realise their bike has not been correctly fitted to their individual characteristics. Combined with our advanced knowledge of physiology, biomechanics and injury patterns, our bike set up expertise means we can address all the factors that may be contributing to you not feeling your best when riding.


Why have a professional bike fit by our physiotherapists?

  • Our highly trained physiotherapists assess YOU and YOUR BIKE, for best results
  • Help to address any pain, tingling, numbness or discomfort you may be feeling when riding
  • Help to reduce the chances of injuries
  • Give you a better chance to maximise your performance and improve power output
  • Maximise your comfort and enjoyment when riding

Physio Bike Fit service

Our Physio Bike Fit is a two-step process where we perform a thorough assessment of you, and your bike and make any initial modifications to benefit your bike set up. After this assessment we then complete a formal written report including recommended modifications, and plan your exercise program to address any areas identified for improvement. At your follow up consultation we run you through your report, reassess the modifications made and educate you on the targeted exercise plan and formal recommendations for improved riding comfort and performance.

At your initial Bike Fit Assessment

  • We take a through history to identify your cycling goals, injury history and any current symptoms you may be experiencing
  • Perform a cycling specific musculo-skeletal screening
  • Undertake detailed measurements of you and your bike
  • Correctly fit your bike to you (or provide recommendations if there are mechanical changes not able to be made on the spot) based on your assessment findings

Your follow-up consultation

  • Reassess the response to any initial modifications made to your set up
  • Provide a home exercise program to address any issues identified
  • Provide advice on riding postures, training loads and physio management that may help to to maximise your performance

What to bring

  • Your bike
  • Riding cleats or shoes
  • Riding knicks/shorts

Health fund rebates apply to your physio bike fit

  • Bring your private health fund card to claim your eligible extras rebate on the spot

 Call the clinic today on 8357 0418 to book your Physio Bike Fit